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GHOST HUNTING... It's become somewhat of a fad in recent times. Everyone either watches it on television via cable or satellite networks or they know someone who does. These very popular shows include The Sy-Fy Channel's GHOST HUNTERS following Jason Hawes, and the boys and girls from TAPS-The Atlantic Paranormal Society as well as their TWO spin off series including GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL and GHOST HUNTER ACADEMY; A&E's PARANORMAL STATE with Ryan Buell and the gang from PRS-Paranormal Research Society of Penn State; And The New Class; The Biography Channel's MY GHOST STORYGhost Adventures, Paranormal Cops, and many, many others.

Welcome to the web site for GPS: The Georgetown (KY) Paranormal Society. We are located (as you would guess by the name) in Georgetown, Scott County Kentucky. We were founded late April, 2008 by several individuals who worked together along with their friends and family. We like to say that with GPS, we can help you find your Boo!

The PRIMARY GOAL of GPS is to gain first hand experiences of paranormal events and phenomenon, to study them critically and to document them. For many, participation in GPS is an attempt at self education about the paranormal to better understand their own experiences that they have previously had. For others it is an exploration of topics that they have had interest in all of their lives, but had no where to really study, explore, and experience these types of activities for themselves. At the present time, there is a lot of interest in the exploration of the unknown. These subjects include hauntings by ghosts and spirits, contact with other intelligences including angels, demons, elementals, and other entities. Additionally we look at the phenomenon of ESP and Psychic phenomenon as well as the development of these abilities. A number of individuals are interested in other fields of paranormal research including the UFO Phenomenon, Cryptozoology (unusual creatures like Big Foot and the Lock Ness Monster) and Mystical Places. People want to know "the truth" and experience these phenomenon for themselves.

Many of our members enjoy the different serieses on cable television. Some of us will prefer one series over an other and advance one methodology over another. It is the Society's general guideline that more than one method has validity and should be used in conjunction with each other, hence we use a blended approach. Generally speaking, we attempt to maintain adherence to scientific methods when ever and where ever possible. We take notes and attempt to record our goals, processes, and results with accuracy. However, we also take into account and make use of methods that are not necessarily placed neatly into boxes for classification within the modern scientific community or public understanding. There is a difference between verifiable "proof" and commonly shared experiences which provide individual "validation".

In an attempt at maintaining a scientific perspective, it might be useful to know some of the regular equipment we make use of. If you are going to go fishing, you need some equipment including a rod and a reel, sinkers, floats, line, bait, and a LOT of PATIENCE! Fishing for ghosts/spirits/ and other entities is similar. All Ghost Fishers need rods and reels. A Camera and a Voice Recorder are ESSENTIAL. Among standard equipment we make use of in our investigations we include:

1) A Nikon "CoolPix" L11 and other Standard and Digital Cameras;

2) Several Olympus VN-3100PC and other Standard Tape and Digital Voice Recorders;

3) Several Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Detection Meters; Including:

Cell Sensor EMF Meters;
Gauss EMF Meters;
K-II Meters;
Tri-Field Meters;
4) Standard magnetic Compasses;

5) Brass Dowsing Rods.

6) Additionally, we advise to read EVERYTHING you can on these subjects! However, GPS uses Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting, by Christopher Balzano, ISBN: 13: 978-1-59863-498-3 as it's beginning text for new Ghost Hunters. It's U.S. cost is listed new at $19.99.

We don't necessarily think of ourselves as "Ghost Hunters" per se, as the goal is not necessarily to "Ghost Bust" and quote "vanquish" the undead/haunted phenomenon we are attempting to locate, document, and study. We rarely come back with what could be called a trophy ghost head to place on the proverbial wall -- though we sometimes DO come back with some neat photographs and other evidence. We like to think of our selves more as "Ghost Fishers", as in the catch (study) and release variety. Additionally, some of us refer to ourselves as, "Ghost Trackers", individuals seeking to track proof of life after death and experience of the "astral" or "ethereal" realms of existence(s) for ourselves. Such experiences have very real value and impact upon individuals who attain them. Once you *know* for certain that there is more to existence than what one experiences in the "here and now", you have to re-examine and re-think things in light of such revelation. There *is* a spiritual reality. That which is ultimately real is ultimately true. One takes new meaning from the perspective on one's own spiritual faith and religious expression(s).

A SECOND GOAL is to assist people who are really having issues regarding paranormal activity. We want to offer help to people who really need it. These include times when we are in a position to help another soul cross over and proceed on to the next phase of existence. We are also able to assist people who experience unusual phenomenon and need help in understanding what is happening to them and their families. And yes there are times when we sometimes have to engage negative and/or disruptive entities and deal with them in an appropriate manner. When you HAVE found your boo, well, to paraphrase a popular movie, "Who you gonna call?"

We should take this opportunity to let everyone know that members of GPS follows a strict code of professional ethics. All investigations are conducted FREE of charge. There are NO fees for our services. All of the members of our Society have had a criminal background check. Additionally, investigations can be made ANONYMOUSLY. If you need help, (or you know someone who does), we can conduct our investigations in private. Contact our President to request assistance or for additional information.

A THIRD GOAL is to provide support to each other and to help each other grow and learn. This can be a rather lonely road to walk by oneself. From the human perspective, NO ONE should ever HAVE to be alone if they don't want to be! By investigating with each other and having open discussions about paranormal phenomenon and by sharing common events, we help to provide validation of our experiences.

This page provides links to some of our more interesting experiences and includes evidence with digital photos, digital movies, and digital sound files of recorded EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Additionally, we will record our experiences with conferences, classes, and other events we attend regarding paranormal studies, and review and rate them based on our own experience(s). We list data that you may need for your own Ghost Fishing event, including the Moon Phase and Solar Flare information. We also provide links to interesting organizations for you to check out. Here are some of our stories and personal/group experiences. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to write and share them with us. Until then, happy ghost hunting, good ghost fishing, and HOO YAH Boo Recon Ranger!


(Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky, United States)
[Longitude = 84W34 / Latitude = 38N13]

Eastern Time; United States of America; World Time Zone = "R" (Romeo)

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